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My Pc Is Acting As An Smtp/ftp/pop3 Server

ZoneAlarm Technical Support Open Monday-Saturday 24 hours PST Click Here to Chat with Technical support now. 10/19/2016 Update version available freeto all users. packet filters11. System Service Name ALG Application protocol Protocol Port FTP control TCP 21 ASP.NET State Service The ASP.NET State service provides support for ASP.NET out-of-process session states. Plesk13 is a common server management application. this contact form

So when you send a letter to apartment 80, the reply from apartment 80 is automatically allowed back through. What? Controlling Communication with the Internet in Windows For a client-side perspective about how Windows XP with Service Pack 1 communicates on the Internet, see "Using Windows XP Professional with Service Pack Alternatively, Microsoft Outlook 2003 can use RPC over HTTP to connect to servers running Exchange Server 2003.

What do you want to do today?” From “I think I'll view the file /etc/passwd, the one with all the user names?” From “Here's the information you requested… Anything Site History You are invited to browse these pages for additional information: 1 Shields UP! Why isn't my Port 113 Stealthed? System Service Namelanmanserver Application protocol Protocol Port NetBIOS Datagram Service UDP 138 NetBIOS Name Resolution UDP 137 NetBIOS Session Service TCP 139 SMB TCP 445 SharePoint Portal Server The SharePoint Portal

The trap destination must be a network-enabled host that is running SNMP management software. Your ShieldsUP! GRC's web and customer privacy policy. The blocking is done at an application level using the files /etc/hosts.deny and /etc/hosts.allow.

I only added that paragraph to explain the option in the screenshot, and I don't think I researched it thoroughly enough. Each system service has a friendly service name and a service name. An HTTP server listening on that port waits for the client to send a request message. It uses random TCP ports assigned through the RPC service for domain controller replication.

Locking Yourself Out Link Software firewalls have an extra pitfall. Message Queuing provides guaranteed message delivery, efficient routing, security, support for sending messages within transactions, and priority-based messaging. Once they have been re-installed, they will be well anchored and bound to everything. Note that in practice, a “hardware firewall” is just a computer which is wholly dedicated to being a firewall, and is physically separated from your Web server.

Application protocol Protocol Port HTTP TCP 80 HTTPS TCP 443 Simple Mail Transfer Protocol The Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) system service is an e-mail submission and relay agent. read the full info here With a commitment to quality content for the design community. SSL is an open standard for establishing a secure communications channel to prevent the interception of critical information, such as credit card numbers. ShieldsUP!

Each domain or subdomain has one or more authoritative DNS servers that publish information about that domain and the name servers of any domains "beneath" it. The "Port Detective" site is useful if you happened to want to run a Web, FTP, POP, SMTP, or other Internet service from your computer and want to be sure that cycoze 13:36 04 Aug 06 Tiscali have upgraded their email server this last week and it has caused many problems for many people, mainly lineone, worldonline and screaming email accounts.The new My absolute favorite solution for personal and small office NAT routing is the new Linksys "Etherfast Cable/DSL Router".

Protocol Port Used by Description TCP 20 FTP (active mode) FTP19 operates in active or passive mode, as requested by the person doing the FTPing. Personal Firewalls Link Firewalls are not just for servers. But, this straightforward system has since been enhanced in an important way known as Network Address Translation or NAT. navigate here TCP 10000 Webmin Webmin is another server management tool.

Servers can better control access and resources, to guarantee that only those clients with the appropriate permissions may access and change data., into the IP addresses, e.g., that networking equipment needs to deliver information. This article explains in more detail how they work, the different types of firewalls available, what they are good at and not so good at, and how to configure them to

Allowing the selected server to respond to inbound TFTP requests cannot be accomplished unless the TFTP server is configured to respond from port 69.

Other benefits of registering an account are subscribing to topics and forums, creating a blog, and having no ads shown anywhere on the site. Exchange Server 5.5 uses two ports, one each for the information store and the directory. The Event Log service writes events sent by applications, services, and the operating system to log files. What gives?

If you have a hardware firewall or a definitely permanently static IP address, you can restrict this by IP address. This is the ultimate in firewall security. Where do you get NAT routing? Top Of Page For More Information The information in this document applies to these Microsoft products: Microsoft Windows Server 2003, 64-Bit Datacenter Edition Microsoft Windows Server 2003, 64-Bit Enterprise Edition Microsoft

Conformant MTAs (not all) fall back to a simple A record in the case of no MX. This means that port 113 is often probed by attackers as a rich source of your personal information. System Service Name TermService Application protocol Protocol Port Terminal Services TCP 3389 Terminal Services Licensing The Terminal Services Licensing system service installs a license server and provides registered client licenses when For detailed information about how FTP works, see "Modes and Data Transmission" on the TechNet Web site at

The ALG FTP plug-in then monitors and updates FTP control channel traffic so that the FTP plug-in can plumb port mappings through the NAT for the FTP data channels. Stop right there - you either use SCP or FTP over TLS - no native FTP unless you want the password to be sniffed. You may recall, from my explanation of Stealthed ports, that attempting to connect to a stealthed port is both costly and painful for the contact initiator — which is why it's