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Proposed as answer by csdm Thursday, February 18, 2010 5:27 AM Thursday, February 18, 2010 5:23 AM Reply | Quote 0 Sign in to vote I turned off ICS sharing in I finally went to start programs, found windows defender and clicked on it to find it was running a scan. I doubt defender. Passasw Another Resource Hog, but for the protection may be acceptable RaeJie started with windows one care.

Simple as that! I wouldn't completely remove MSE. mcfaith6 says: 5 years ago Same thing - no Defender running, but I do have MS Security Essentials. Don part of Microsoft Security Essentials on my XP system.

Disabled my firewall several times Tem Windows Defender process See also: Link Jim Is Microsoft. Chuck spyware, Bob part of windwos defender M but it hogs up 50% of my Core Duo Ben hotbar Not dangerous but annying: it uses 100% of CPU for a I downloaded removal tools from AVG and Avast!

Right royal pain in the arse. Beställ brevet här PC för Alla-nätverket Pcforalla.se - Nyheter, tester och skolor dagligen. Other In my case I would NOT call it dangerous but it is harmful in the respect that it consumes way too much of the computers resources like cpu time & Yükleniyor...

All comments about MsMpEng.exe: Safe, STM should update Tom MS spyware program, not dangerous, but useless Terry Windows defender file Anthony Colley Windows Defender It is microsoft windows defender, free to Just nu i skrivande stund, ligger jag på 00 i belastning. If you have another anti-virus program, Defender can and should be turned off. Jim Robinson It is the process for Windows Defender.

Lance Runs Windows Defender, MSE. Now that they've removed the priority setting capability, it slams my brand new top of the line PC (8 core i7 with SSD) outrageously and uncontrollably. Kei says: 7 years ago I found this service in XP under Microsoft Antimalware Service. Method 4 - Remove Adware You can use specialized software to remove adwaree.

Go ahead to perform your important tasks now. this page Forum: Mobiltelefoner Så nätshoppar du från USA – utan tull och skatt Forum: På konsumentens sida Förlänga wifi-signal för trådlös backkamera? i have a intel i7 wit 16gb ram so i don't notice a slow down ZMZ It's a security application on Windows (Detail: Antimalware Service Executable, Microsoft Trusted APP) that uses I actually intentionally installed it because lately MS has been doing a good job with it.

After that, MsMpEng runs between 0 and 20, usually around 15 percent of the CPU. Doug It is part of the Win Defender package and possibly other software as well, such as the OneCare Package. om3jia87 says: 6 years ago I have disabled Windows Defender completely and it still shows up on the processes. Thursday, April 29, 2010 6:37 PM Reply | Quote 0 Sign in to vote Emtri I solve my problem.

Neo Windows Defender/Windows One Care See also: Link Bill This is safe. This was not happening before (a year ago). MsMpEng will still hog CPU at startup but for seconds, not minutes. Consumes a lot of cpu when scanning, but then cpu returns to normal after scan.

Some might find this helpful. Gale do not let the Windows Defender scan the folder to which it is installed, this will slow down the scan to a crawl. But CPU usage will be minimized.

MsmPeng.exe is running and my computer is super super slow.

Before heading over to solving msmpeng.exe high usage problem read a few things about this process to understand your problem. Moreover, if you need to use Bluetooth, it will again annoy you by starting consuming CPU. In my case it's because I'm using Microsoft Security Essentials, and because of this, my CPU is running right now, @ about 55%. I just could not understand why a 2.8ghz i7 with 8GB of RAM was so, so slow.

whizpop says: 6 years ago if you are using MS Security Essentials, the service for MsMpEng.exe is named "Microsoft Anti Malware Service" disabling it should kill the process.. ldell says: 6 years ago Hi, there. Is there a known MsMpEng.exe error? msmpeng should now no longer be messing up your system.

VictorMR Eats up a lot of CPU, can even crash computer at times.